The next several years are going to bring enormous changes in how we purchase, own, and interact with our cars.  Much of what differentiates one auto maker from the next will come down to a message or brand experience. What is the message you are trying to say?  how is your experience different from the next? What value do you bring to a customers life?

I am passionate about vehicles and cars.  It is was led me to focus my career from product design to vehicles. The experiences I've had in them and the connections with people I've made around them has been a specifically positive theme in my life, and this has directed me as a designer to focus my work on bringing these positive experiences to others. 

Those that have worked with me know I revel in harnessing a new piece of software or experimenting with a new material. Discovery and application is where I am happiest.  To imagine, to prototype, and to produce innovations focused on a better product experience. 


Göteborg, SE

SE: +46 73-387 44 34

US: +1 720 663 9232